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Airdrop of ASN Token Share

We (ASN Committee) recently decided to plan an ASN Token airdrop. We will airdrop ASN Tokens to addresses which already hold SASN tokens. (The SASN token has already traded on Uniswap and WBF)   
ASN token will be used in future ASN Defi money-market. In this Defi money-market, users can pledge crypto assets (such as Eth) and get relevant ASN tokens. The ASN tokens can be used to borrow other crypto assets for multiple purposes, like, arbitrage. It can also be used (as pledge certificates) to redeem the pledged crypto assets from the money markets.
SASN (Super ASN), on the other hand, is the governance token. It can be used in community governance in the future. It will also be used as incentives to encourage liquidity injecting/mining to the money-market.  
Another usage of ASN Token is the “value carrying vehicle”. This usage will be implemented in future ASN Network. This network is a trustless and faster decentralized system for participants in B2B (and other business fields) for their financial transactions without relying on existing slow, inefficient and opaque Swift system.
The ASN Defi function (money-market) and the ASN cross-border financial transaction network are designed to be combined into one system and become the world’s first system that bridges the Defi and the real-world business.
ASN Network’s investor, Prana Capital, also invested in Arsena Network. The Arsena Network is currently under development and is based on Polkadot. Arsena will be becoming part of the future ecology of ASN Network.   
The details (time, amount, method, etc.) of the ASN token airdrop will be announced later.